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5 Ways to Stand Out In Malaysia As a Programmer Tech Talent

The booming tech scene in Malaysia over the last few years has shown that we have no shortages of talents when it comes to Malaysian programmers. These Malaysian programmers are building apps, working on e-commerce portals, conducting courses for tech talents in KL or Selangor, organising hackathons, and even launching their own startup companies. Now, you know you are just as much of a superhero as these tech talents but just not quite sure how to stand out? Well, read on, then.


Speak Up

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Now, you will realise that the more notable Malaysian programmers are no wallflowers. Instead, these talents are constantly in the public eye to talk about the tech world. They are voicing out their opinions, crushing stereotypes, sharing knowledge, educating the world, and building their visions.

To emulate their success, you first have to emulate their actions. If you are unsure as to how to get the ball rolling, you can always start with something easy and low maintenance. For example, start a blog to document your pursuit to be one of the best Malaysian programmers.


Join In

Another thing you can do to make a name for yourself as one of the more prominent Malaysian programmers is to start networking. No, unfortunately, you can’t just spend your days drinking coffee and writing code. To truly stand out in Malaysia as a programmer tech talent, you need to be an active participant in the field.

If you are a junior programmer, perhaps consider approaching a senior programmer for mentoring. Alternatively, you can join the many events and meetups catered to Malaysian programmers. One of the more popular ones is the meetup by the KL Ruby Brigade for tech talent in KL or Selangor. The Ruby Brigade also has meetups/events in other states.


Help Out

Lob the question at any programmer and you will have the answer that the friendly and helpful community is one of the best things about the tech field. So, pay it forward and return the favour to the community.

Consider joining communities like StackOverflow to share your insight and contribute to the community at large. For all you know, the person you are helping today could end up advancing your career in the future. And if it comes to nothing more than a “thanks” from the person you are helping, you can rest easy knowing that you are contributing to the community and the future of tech.


Be Confident

To truly stand out in anything, including, as a programmer tech talent, you will also need to have confidence. Be it in the way you conduct yourself at the aforementioned events or even in your correspondence. Is there anything more noticeable and charismatic than confidence?

So, stand tall and take courage in the fact that you have earned your place with years of hard work, dedication, and many cups of strong pineapple


Be Creative

The cliché is true: you do have to be creative and able to think outside of the box to stand out from the rest. With the number of Malaysian programmers on the rise every day, you will need to be creative in your creation, your solution and your innovation to stand out.

After all, we are all creative beings. So, forget the conventional, take some risks, and start creating.






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